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Ergonomic baby carrier in blue color
Ergonomic baby carrier in pink color
Ergonomic baby carrier wide hip seat in blue color
Ergonomic baby carrier wide hip seat in pink color
Ergonomic baby carrier sections in blue color
Ergonomic baby carrier compartments in blue color
Ergonomic baby carrier wide hip seat in blue color
Mother and baby front facing out ergonomic baby carrier in pink color
Mother and baby back facing in ergonomic baby carrier in pink color
Mother and baby front facing in ergonomic baby carrier in pink color

Strappy Stroll | Ergonomic Baby Carrier

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6-in-1 best-selling classic structured ergonomic baby carrier in modern form. Our Strappy Stroll ergonomic baby carrier is tailored to your busy lifestyle without any of the distractions. Fully adjustable with 6 different positions to deliver better than ever comfort and ergonomics for both yourself and your baby. 

Our ergonomic design distributes weight evenly throughout your lower back and shoulders. The hip seat base supports your baby in the recommended hip-healthy "M-Shape" seated position across all carry positions.

    Key Features

    • Baby age use: infant to toddler
    • 6 Carry options: front, hip and back carry (facing in, and facing out)
    • Easily convertible ergonomic seat for the baby
    • No infant insert needed
    • Crossable shoulder straps
    • Waist belt pocket
    • Insert for "Hip Stool" 
    • Hip seat can be used alone

    Materials & Care

    • 100% Cotton/Polyester 
    • Machine washable

    Product Dimensions

    • Max Load 25kg 
    • Belt 110cm

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 17 reviews
    Watson W.

    So happy with this shop and my purchase. Price is good and quality is excellent. In addition, I received it only after two weeks (Sydney, Australia) during pandemic times. Highly recommended.

    Bobbie M.

    I love this baby carrier, and have been using it every day since purchasing it. I also love the pocket in the front . I use it to put my phone and keys inside. Overall, the carrier is very comfortable to wear and my baby looks comfortable sitting in it. I will highly recommend this baby carrier to family and friends .

    Lon S.

    It's comfortable to wear in any position, it fits me (chunky as I am) as well as my beanpole husband, it holds both my newborn son and my toddler (3 ft, 32lb)(not simultaneously) more than comfortably, it doesn't sag, scratch, squeeze, pinch, or pull, it's super easy to put on and take off, and I also just really like the color it came in. I love it!!!

    Basma G.

    Amazing quality baby carrier! Every thing is nicely seen together and there was no terrible plastic or chemical smell. It's comfy to use, even over my pregnant, 8 month belly (I wouldn't carry a baby up front while pregnant however, there's plenty of weight there already). Nothing was missing. It did not arrive in a box, but nothing was damaged and the package arrived a little sooner than expected. If you're considering getting this for short walks, hikes or trips without a stroller (after the baby is 4-6 months) definitely get this! Nice to Know: The little elastics at the end can be used for "strap management" or neatly holding rolled up straps so they don't hang everywhere. Great design!!

    Lea R.

    The biggest advantage of this carrier is: it’s very easy to put your baby in. When the baby is about the age to walk, then simply take the belts out and just use the chair.