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Baby stroller fan in blue color wining around a rod
Three baby stroller fans in different colors standing on table
Baby stroller fan in pink color standing on table
Baby stroller fan in blue color winding around crib
Baby stroller fan in blue winding around front of stroller
Baby stroller fan in different positions, handheld, standing, suspensions, and winding
Dimensions of pink baby stroller fan
Standing pink color baby stroller fan and winding blue color baby stroller fan
Comparison between our baby stroller fan and other baby stroller fans
Baby stroller fan in blue color winding around stroller
Baby stroller fan in pink color winding around car seat
Baby stroller fan in pink color winding around stroller
Three standing baby stroller fan functions
Baby stroller fan in pink color
Baby stroller fan in blue color
Baby stroller fan in white color

Octo Breeze | Baby Stroller Fan

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This upgraded octopus mount with bendable metal and silicone outer surface makes it more durable and easy to clean. It’s the perfect stroller fan to keep your baby cool when out and about during Summer. It has a flexible and sturdy body that is firm once bent to your liking. Not only that, our Octo Breeze baby stroller fan can also be used in various other scenes besides as a stroller fan, such as - handheld portable fan, desktop fan, hanging as a wall fan on the cot, and even as a phone holder. This versatile stroller fan will give bubs (and even yourself) the right amount of wind that you need.


  • 3 wind speeds - soft wind, refreshing breeze, and strong wind
  • Noise reduction - equipped with brushless motor to achieve a smooth rotate speed thus reducing noise.
  • Uses 2000mAh rechargeable high-capacity battery for long battery life 
  • 4 forms - hand-held, hanging, standing, and winding
  • 2-8hours of operation (depends on charging status and wind speed)
  • 3.5 hours charging for full battery


  • Colors may vary/appear different in person due to lighting and screen conditions

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Ive B.

My 6 months old son loves this fan! We attach it to his stroller and he just stares at it in amazement. The battery life is great I love that I can charge it in the car if needed. It is very lightweight as well and the legs are easily maneuvered so it can literally go anywhere!

Krista M.

Very powerful little fan! It's not too heavy. The legs swivel outward from the fan and are flexible all the way down which makes it versatile. It DID take a few hours to charge, but I haven't wasted the battery in a couple of days. There is only one button so you have to click through each setting one by one with the power switch. I guess it makes it easy.

Claire S.

I got this product to put on my son's stroller at the state fair. I absolutely love it. It is a lot stronger than I thought it would be. My son's father even made a joke that we could not put it on him if he was sweating because he would make him cold. Definitely worth the price and I will be buying another one for my daughter when she is born.

Kelly P.

Now this is a fan! Ive tried quite a few stroller fans and they are all horrible. This one actually blows air and is super handy. Love that it’s rechargable.

Sharon H.

I love the fan and the color is exactly as shown. The fan speed is perfect. It will work perfect for my stroller wagon with the flexible legs.