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Cylindrical inny box next to cubed inny box
Cube inny box with shapes in front
Cylindrical inny box with shapes in front
Dimensions of individual shapes and outer shapes of inny box
Cube inny box with instructions below on how to play with it
Toddler sitting down playing with cube inny box
Toddler carrying cube inny box while standing up
Shapes over the cylinder inny box
Hands pulling strings of cylindrical inny box
Ghost toddler hand putting shape into cube inny box
Cube shaped inny box
Cylindrical shaped inny box

Inny Box

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This shape sorting box comes in two shapes, cube and cylinder, with six chunky shape blocks that are each designed with fascinating textures that are sure to thrill little fingers. Perfect for those following the Montessori approach in developing your toddler's color cognition and hand-eye coordination.   

There's a cube, a diamond, a sphere, a triangle, a honeycomb, and an octogon...but the best part? As youngsters push the shapes through the elastic bands of the cube, curiosity is sparked and young minds can't help but explore, experiment, and discover.

It's beautifully simple and amazingly mind-expanding!


  • Cube & Cylinder outer shape: 14cm x 14cm | 5.51" x 5.51"
  • 6 shapes measuring roughly 5cm x 6cm | 1.9" x 2.3". Shapes may come in different colors from what's pictured.  
  • BPA free 
  • High quality materials and construction with ABS plastic + elastic strings
  • Suitable for ages 6months+

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Anna K.

We bought this for our almost one year old son (1st boy out of 3 girls) so he had more toys his age to play with. He absolutely loves it and keeps going back to it over and over. He is still mastering how to take the shapes out but once he figures it out, he loves to shove them back in. Such a wonderful simple toy that is endless fun!

Mark J.

The squiggs are fantastic on the slider doors and hardwood floors! Also, the magic box in which my boys can pull toys out is engaging. They enjoy the hardness of the toys.

Helen E.

What a great engaging toy my granddaughter absolutely loves it it's challenging enough but not to a point where they cannot be successful I like that it's lightweight...This is my first time ordering from this company I am extremely pleased and will order

Joelle W.

Bought this for my daughter's first birthday and so far she seems really interested in playing with it! Very different than the usual empty bucket or bin that you can take toys in and out of, this one really challenges her and keeps her focused! My 4 year old daughter enjoyed playing with it too!

Heather T.

My kiddo really likes the shape toys where the shapes are matched with holes. He has trouble rotating things though. I picked up some various toys for his therapy and decided to give this one a try. I really like that this is a different type of feedback. There is resistance getting the shapes in an out of the cube in a way I haven't seen with other toys. He is really into the different textures on the pieces as well. Overall I feel like this is pretty unique and added another dimension to his play. My son is 2 years old with some developmental delays.