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Is It Good to Wear a Girdle After Pregnancy?

After going through many ups and downs during your pregnancy, you must now be happy to hold your bundle of joy in your arms. Yet, your body still feels tired and sore. The good news is that you can calm your heart with your baby's smiles and soothe your abdomen using a pregnancy girdle. Amazing, right?

This blog answers the key question: is it good to wear a girdle after pregnancy? Let's have a look at what a post-pregnancy girdle or postpartum girdle is.

What is a Postpartum Girdle?

In olden times, new moms used to tie a warm cloth around their belly after delivery to promote recovery. This may be an age-old technique, but the idea and concept are the same today; just that the advancement in technology has swapped cloth with a compression girdle.

It is used to wrap around your abdomen and waist to help your body recover from the drastic changes during pregnancy and after delivery.

Pregnancy, the beautiful phase of life, welcomes many conditions from abnormal posture to physiological changes. In particular, the postpartum phase can be difficult.

Pregnant Belly

You might want to speed up the recovery process. In such cases, a postpartum girdle comes in handy.

Why Use a Postpartum Girdle?

Using a postpartum belt or girdle is a personal choice however it is also best to consult your doctor.

Nevertheless, there are endless benefits to postpartum recovery. Here are some reasons why you should use a postpartum girdle:

  • Boosts blood flow.
  • Speeds up recovery.
  • Improves mobility and posture.
  • Reduces back pain.
  • Stabilizes the pelvic floor.

Moreover, the girdle provides support to your abdomen muscles for a comfortable workout and quick healing. It also helps in reducing fluid retention and swelling.

Knowing the many benefits of a belly girdle, you may want to invest in the best one for yourself.

Take a peek below and know how to get the perfect girdle for you.

What to Look for in the Best Belly Girdle after Pregnancy?

There are many options available in the market, so finding the best one for yourself might be challenging. Here is what you should be looking for when deciding which girdle to purchase after pregnancy.

  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Easy to use.
  • Well-built.
  • Affordable.
  • Best if a medical organization recommends it.

Besides looking for these components, there are other factors to consider to get the best results.

The first thing you should do is get a lot of rest. Sleep when your child sleeps. If not, take the time to rest and relax your body.

Eat Healthily
Take special care of your diet. Eat fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins, and everything that can aid in strengthening your body.

Stay Hydrated
Keep yourself hydrated. It is best to keep a bottle aside and sip this throughout the day.

Quick Buying Guide for the Best Girdle After Pregnancy

Your physical therapist can guide you best through postpartum recovery, but if you have already added a girdle to your recovery plan, here is what you should look for:

Full coverage girdles are easily available in the market. You can get the best one for yourself within your budget.

A girdle might be featuring Velcro closures, hook and eye closure, or pull-on style.
You can choose one that you find easiest to wear and take off. Your girdle should stay in place for maximum and quick effectiveness.

Most brands include the size chart on the packaging of the product. Take your measurements and get the accurate size. Remember that a perfect girdle should be fitted snugly, but should not restrict your range of motion or make it difficult for you to breathe.

If you have a c-section, we recommend you to go for a long-line girdle. It starts from just below your bust and ends in the middle of your hips.

However, if you find a long-line girdle too restricted, you can opt for midsection styles.

A postpartum girdle should have breathable material. Moreover, it is best if the fabric wicks moisture.

When is the ideal time frame to wear a postpartum belly wrap?

The best time is when the uterus is contracting the fastest, which is between 2 days after delivery and 6 weeks postpartum.

You should wear it at least 4 months after delivery. After completing 4 months, we recommend you spend time on some good postpartum intense workout plans to get back in shape.

Do Postpartum Girdles Work?

Yes, girdles are very useful and are recommended by physical therapists. It helps in speeding up your healing process and also assists in natural contractions.

What You Should Not Do When You Are Wearing a Girdle?

  • Do not wear a girdle during pregnancy.
  • Do not make it too tight; the girdle should not discomfort you.
  • Do not wear the girdle when you are taking a shower.
  • It is best to wear the girdle over your t-shirt. Wearing it directly to the skin is not recommended.
  • You should wear it 2 to 4 hours initially and at least for 5 days a week, then increase the time gradually.
  • Do not wear the girdle while sleeping.
  • Know that girdles are not meant to burn belly fat; they temporarily support your abdomen muscles. You have to take care of your diet and exercise to get back in shape or reduce fat.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it ok to wear a girdle every day?
    Wearing a girdle daily for a few hours is perfectly fine. You can wear it for 2-4 hours.

  2. What are the side effects of wearing postpartum girdles?

    • Girdles compress your organs.
    • They might lead to gas or bloating.
    • In some cases, girdles can give acid reflux.

We hope this blog answers your question as to whether it is good to wear a girdle or postpartum belt after pregnancy. We advise you to wear a girdle as it augments the healing process, relieves pain, and plays an essential role in core stability. That said, what will work best for you can be best recommended by your doctor or physical therapist.