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The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Baby Shower and 3 Best Gift Ideas for Baby Shower

A baby shower is the first formal celebration of motherhood and the arrival of your new baby. Friends and family of daddy and mommy-to-be come with presents for the baby. However, given the current times, you might have to attend a virtual baby shower. Online baby showers are a trend now.

The idea of an online baby shower has been around since 2000. Initially, it was planned for relatives who were far away and could not be part of the traditional baby shower. Now, COVID-19 has made virtual baby showers a much more popular option.

Baby Shower

However, if you haven't got a chance to attend one, let us inform you that just like traditional baby showers, virtual baby showers can also have invitations, themes, baby shower games, decorations, and guests of honor. You may not know what to send as a gift so this blog is a complete guide to throw the best virtual baby shower that you can plan for yourself or your mom-to-be friend. This also includes a complete gifting guide for an online baby shower.

How to Prepare for a Virtual Baby Shower

Preparing for a virtual baby shower is just like how you would celebrate an in-person baby shower. Below is a checklist for your virtual baby shower:

  • You have to select a virtual venue. Select an ideal platform that all your guests can access that allows for a chat option too, for example, Zoom.
  • Select a date for your baby shower. Create baby shower invitations with the date and time of your virtual event. Canva is an amazing tool for all your design needs.
  • Select a theme.
  • Think about fun virtual baby shower games. Pinterest is a great platform to search for ideas!
  • Plan and record as you open the gifts.

Check these off your list and you are halfway done preparing for a virtual baby shower.

How to Throw a Virtual Baby Shower?

It depends on the interest and priorities of the host to make a baby shower enjoyable. Either you just want to get virtual in your PJ's and let people know about the gender of your baby, or you want a classic decoration along with virtual baby shower games and much more.

Moreover, to make your online baby shower enjoyable, you have to plan ahead of time.

Select a platform and Time for Virtual Baby Shower

Video Call

Technology has provided multiple free platforms for virtual interactions with people. Zoom, Skype, Facebook, or Google Hangouts are among many interactive platforms that are free to use. You can select one according to your feasibility. Tell your guests about the video call and all the relevant information prior so they can download the app if they don't have access.

Secondly, you have to select a day and time slot for a baby shower. Look for the feasibility of your guests, too, while choosing the time slot.

Send invitations

After selecting the time and platform, you have to inform the attendees about this online baby shower. So, the best idea is to design a digital invitation with the virtual meet link and send the invite in advance.

Furthermore, your invitation should include the host's name, virtual venue, time, and date. If you have planned a theme, also inform your guests about it.

Create an Online Baby Shower Registry

Set up a baby registry to help guests decide the virtual baby shower gifts and ship them to you before the virtual baby shower. Bubbable is a great reliable site for baby items. Baby List is another website that is a great source to create a baby registry.

You can check the price, select your preferred items, add them to your cart and send them directly to the parents-to-be.

Set a theme for Baby Shower

You can decorate the background where you have planned to sit for your virtual baby shower. Also, you could wear a mommy-to-be sash, a crown, and could also dress up according to the theme.

Themes also excite guests to attend the virtual baby shower so ask them to participate.

Plan a Gift Reveal

Gift Giving

Know the feasibility of your guests and plan the gift reveal accordingly. You can either open the gifts yourself and tell your guests who gave them to you or let guests open the gifts at their place, and they can send it to you later.

Plan Virtual Baby Shower Games

Baby shower games can make the event more exciting. So, here we are with some baby shower games ideas to let your guests enjoy their time celebrating with you to their fullest.

    • Name the tune. You can play the tune of baby rhymes, and the guests will guess which rhyme it is.
    • Price is right. Guests have to guess the price of some of the baby essentials.
    • Guess the baby's name. Play around with alphabets and ask the guests to guess the name you have decided for your baby.

3 Virtual Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Here are our recommended baby shower gift ideas:

1. Basket of Baby Essentials The first gift you can send to hosts is a gift  basket carrying baby essentials. It can include:

These are some of our suggestions; you can use fewer or more items according to your budget. There are endless variations of gifts you could include in the basket so it entirely depends on your budget.

Baby Cake Gift

2. Baby Care Gift Set. These are ready-made baby care gift sets available in the market, or you can customize your own. They usually include a toy, comb/brush, baby bib, etc. It makes an ideal baby shower gift.

3. Ergonomic Baby Carrier. An ergonomic baby carrier is another great gift for baby showers. The host would love to get such a thoughtful gift. They are comfortable and highly functional. Besides keeping the child comfortable they are also handy for parents in the long run. We can bet this would be one of the best gifts for hosts received by family and friends.

Opening Gifts at a Virtual Shower

In a virtual baby shower, guests either send their gifts in advance or host them during the virtual event. Or, guests keep the gifts with them during the virtual session, open them for the parents to be, and send them later.

Video Call

Unlike traditional baby showers, you get a lot of flexibility in virtual baby showers, so it depends on whether or not you want to open gifts in front of the camera.

Virtual baby showers are trending nowadays. What else would be more feasible than hosting and attending a party from the comfort of your couch? The online baby shower is best when you want to throw a party while maintaining social distancing. It is also ideal for the host and the guests who live away from their family, friends, and loved ones. Therefore, hosting a virtual shower is fairly easier and safer for the mom in modern times.