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Top 11 benefits of baby carriers

If you’re a new parent and have stumbled into the world of learning everything you need to know about having a baby, then let us help you with at least one aspect of the baby world - which is the benefits of babywearing. 

Babywearing or baby carrying is the practice of carrying a baby close against one’s body in a sling, wrap, or similar carrier. For centuries this practice has been around, and that’s because babywearing provides the best of both worlds where your baby is so close to you and caregivers have the convenience of parenting hands-free.

Let's go into the benefits of owning a baby carrier:

1. Less crying, meaning a happier baby

Studies have shown that baby-wearing for three hours a day reduced infant crying significantly. The less your baby cries, the more time they’ll spend in a quiet alert state which is when babies learn the most. Also when their primal/survival needs are met they’re generally calmer too!

Smiling Baby Lying on Bed

2. Strengthen your baby’s emotional, cognitive, and physical development

Being at a good eye level as you when in a baby carrier, your infant becomes more involved in your everyday life and allows them to interact and learn more within their environment, while also giving you the chance to respond to their cues and contribute to their overall development.

3. Supports your baby’s natural posture

Ergonomic baby carriers allow your baby to be in a natural “C” position similar to when they were a fetus living in the womb, which is the correct support for their spine. This feature is available even if you decide to carry your baby from the front or back carry your baby like a backpack. 

4. Strengthen bond between your baby and parent 

The physical closeness of your baby right up against your chest stimulates a hormone production called Oxytocin, which in turn promotes a more intimate parental bond and helps moms with postpartum depression and anxiety. This not only strengthens the bond with your baby, but it also fosters a closer parent-child bond through to toddlerhood as your toddlers can also be worn in the baby carrier too, which reminds them of their “home base”.

Newborn Baby Holding Parents Hand

5. Travel out and about with ease

Sometimes pushing a stroller around is not a suitable option and carrying your infant or especially a toddler in your arms is definitely going to make you tired from holding them for too long. Just make sure your infant is strapped in comfortably into your baby carrier and you’re all good to go!  

6. Accomplish more with your hands free

You’d be surprised how much more you can achieve with your child tethered to you! With your arms and hands free you’ll be able to carry on working and tending to the million chores you have. 

7. Allows moms to breastfeed discreetly 

With your baby essentially covered up by the baby carrier, if you’re in public you can breastfeed on the down low, not to mention given the close contact with your baby it also boosts your breast milk production! 

8. Prevents the risk of flat-head syndrome

The healthy body position that your baby is in allows for the neck muscles and core to strengthen and they also learn to use muscle groups to balance themselves. Babywearing 100% counts as tummy time since they’re using their neck muscles so much more! 

Baby Boy Sleeping
9. Promotes early language development and speech

Being so close to you in a baby carrier, your baby learns by watching faces and picking up on languages and communication. Remember during these early stages your child absorbs your environment like a sponge especially being at a good conversational height! 

10. Prevents hip dysplasia and o-shaped legs

The main feature to determine an ergonomic baby carrier is whether or not it has a comfortable seat that allows your baby to sit in an M - shaped position or frog position (bent and flexed). As they’re in a loaded prolonged position it’s important that adequate support is added. Your infant should be supported by the bottom rather than by the crotch. Our Bubbable ergonomic baby carrier does exactly this with a wide hip seat and 35° slope, which provides all the security and comfortability for both parent and baby. 

Ergonomic Baby Carrier GuideBubbable Strappy Stroll ergonomic baby carrier wide hip seat M - shaped position

Ergonomic Baby Carrier

Bubbable Strappy Stroll ergonomic baby carrier in cherry pink blossom

11. Allows your baby to sleep easier at night

For newborns in particular during the “4th trimester” (first 3 months of life), they want to be physically connected to you since that’s what they are used to. Their day sleep really affects their night sleep. To allow them to sleep easier in their bassinet all night it would be beneficial to give them lots and lots of physical contact throughout the day. Contact napping in the baby carrier allows them to have much higher quality sleep and longer naps, which in turn results in them having much better sleep at night.


So there you have it! More than 10 reasons to illustrate the benefits of babywearing. You carried your baby for 9 months, and so babywearing just makes so much sense giving both of you that closeness again except this time in a completely different environment! 

If before reading this you were sitting on the fence about getting a baby carrier, we hope we’ve influenced you to make a better informed decision, and regardless of whether you choose our Bubbable ergonomic baby carrier or another baby carrier, the important thing is that you find one that is comfortable for both yourself and your infant and is also ergonomic. We can’t stress enough how important this is (as noted in the 10th point) for your child’s health and development to have an ergonomic baby carrier if you’re going to be baby wearing, but if ever in doubt, Google is always your best friend. The fact that you’ve taken this step in doing the due diligence in researching the benefits of baby carriers means that you’re already a step closer! 

We believe that babywearing has such a positive impact on you and your little family and should you purchase our ergonomic baby carrier we know that we’ll bring so much joy to everyone involved.