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Signs Of A Happy Baby

Parenting is a fun and a fantastic part of your life. When your baby is born you might forget all the pain associated with childbirth. A lot of the happiness of parents revolve around the happy baby. Young parents want to make their babies smile all the time, but they don't know about the happy baby signs. Knowing some subtle hints of a happy baby helps you understand the factors that keep your baby happy and healthy.

So if you are a new parent, you can take help from a baby sign language book that works as a comprehensive dictionary for you. A baby talks through sign language to show happiness. There are many other factors that make your baby happy, however, some of the core reasons are your presence, a good environment, and simply a well-fed baby!

So here we will share some signs that you should know because that ensures your happiness too.

Signs That Your Baby is Happy

A Baby smile

This is the first sign of a happy baby. When you are around, the little one smiles and shows that he/she is happy and excited to have you around. When a baby loves the environment and is so glad, then he/she shows these signs. Since new babies have cognitive development, they learn new signs with time. So, offer them baby bath toys and any other product from bubbable to augment your baby. Moreover, a happy baby will try to talk through integrating sign language.

The baby demands frequent breastfeeding

A happy baby demands frequent breastfeeding. The new baby shows the first sign by smiling and then requires feeding in the same way. It helps the parents to understand that he/she’s happy. Moreover, according to practical American sign language, a satisfied baby starts sucking when comfortable and close to anything. It also shows that your baby has a sound digestive system.

The baby is calm around family members

According to the baby sign language book, it is a good sign when the baby is comfortable with parents or siblings' presence. Babies start smiling to share their positive emotions. You can follow the baby sign language book with easy-to-follow photos to know about the baby's first signs. Often babies who are comfortable around family members will pay attention to those around them.

Changing 4-6 diapers in a day

Yes, the frequent changing of diapers in a day shows that they are happy and healthy. Moreover, when the baby is wetting the diaper frequently, it is clear that he/she has a good digestive system and an adequately hydrated body. Many new parents think that it is not a good sign, but it is one of the first signs that a baby shows when he/she is comfortable and happy.

Normal baby growth

Average baby growth is a sign of a happy and healthy baby. When you visit the doctor he measures the weight and height to find the signs of growth. A baby with normal physical growth is a sign that they are happy. Her milestones, development and physical appearance tell a lot about them. So when babies have normal growth and everyday activities, they have good parenting.

Baby responds to sounds

It is also one of the first signs that babies stop crying when someone starts singing or paying attention. It is a sign that they are responding to surrounding sounds and showing signs of happiness.

Moreover, responding to natural sounds is also a normal milestone that a baby can show. Newborn babies don't know how to speak at their birth. However as time passes and little one learns from the surroundings, a series of talks continues. Baby picks up the sounds by listening to you and then starts communicating with you through babble sounds. Hence, they are able to show affection and happiness with vocal signs.

Too close for comfort

Babies have a special affection for their parents. so when they are happy they want to get close and give direct eye contact to feel their presence. Babies cannot choose positive emotions, so they look at mom or dad and want their arms to show happiness.


Newborns grow and their sign of a happy baby changes. Now their baby smiles are different from laughs. Keep in mind that babies have a sense of humor by birth so they respond to your talks according to their sense. Thus, a happy baby has a higher pitch while laughing.

Easy sleep

Sleep plays a vital role in kids' lives. We all know that as the age grows, babies start showing trouble sleeping compared to newborns. So it is a vital sign of a happy baby when sleeping easily and enjoying a comfortable nap.

Enjoy making eye contact

Every child is different but one thing is common that kids can't focus on one thing. Even newborns want to explore their surroundings. However, when children are happy and you are talking to them, they will respond and enjoy making direct eye contact with a parent. The little ones will show concentration and start signing that they are comfortable.

Final verdict

So, if you are a new parent then these signs make it easy to find out that you have a happy baby in a good mood and health. Keep in mind that only happy babies have good health and sound growth. However, it is not important that they show all the signs. If your child is unable to make eye contact, that is no issue. Until then, enjoy a toothless baby smile and shrieking cry.