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Maternity Essentials: A Guide to The Best Postpartum Belly Band

As you cradle your baby, you may be wondering what comes next. Well, firstly, congratulations, you are a mommy and that is the greatest feeling in this world. However, you may not be feeling entirely great after giving birth. It takes time to return to the routine, so don't stress yourself to fit in some rest and self-care routine shortly after vaginal delivery or a C-section. Enjoy the time with your newborn, pamper yourself with care, and let others support you through the postpartum phase.

Postpartum recovery takes time. A physical therapist or a pelvic floor therapist (specialist in the pelvic floor or diastasis recti) can help your body heal. It is important to remember that your body has been through a lot. Therefore, a postpartum belly band or postpartum girdle is one of the best options to consider to get back to normal. It helps your body to heal faster than the standard recovery rate. Especially in the case of a C-section, using a postpartum belly band or a postpartum girdle is very helpful.

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Continue reading this blog for full coverage on postpartum girdles, and postpartum belly bands. Here is all the information you need to know about the best postpartum belly band for you to ensure it gives you a road to the best recovery.

How Does a Postpartum Belly Band Work?

The postpartum belly band is also referred to as the belly wrap, belly belt, abdominal binder, compression wrap, belly binder, postpartum girdle, and postpartum support. They all have the same meaning and provide similar benefits.

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The belly band works by wrapping it around your midsection and provides medical-grade compression and gives extra support to your abdominal muscles and core muscles. Bandit is an example of one of the manufacturers of postpartum garments. They say that belly wraps work with the women's hormone Relaxin.

Relaxin is a natural hormone that softens the pelvis and ligaments for supporting childbirth during pregnancy. However, the relaxin hormone is present in the body for a limited time during postpartum. Thus, the postpartum belly band works with Relaxin present in new moms and speeds up the healing process.

Why Wearing a Postpartum Girdle is Essential

After delivery, a woman's stomach deflates and what is left can often be a jiggly pouch that feels heavy and awkward. It also results in back pain due to over-compression and odd posture. So it is essential to wear the best postpartum girdle.

The main goal of wearing postpartum belly wraps is to:

  • Keep the jiggle contained
  • Effective back support
  • Help in abdominal healing
  • Protect the incision

Postpartum Belly Wraps in C-sections

C-sections and normal delivery have different postpartum recovery times. If you have had a c-section, then girdles can help during the recovery period. It is essential to take medical advice as a c-section involves the cutting of tissues and muscle layers, so it would be better to take the medical advice and then use a belly band during the postpartum phase. However, if advised, it is a great way to help support the healing of the incision after childbirth.

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Women who use a belly band or a postpartum corset after giving birth through a C-section help lower the pain. It provides gentle compression support to the waist, abdomen, and back during the recovery process.

When to Wear a Postpartum Belly Wrap or a Girdle?

According to research, women can benefit from wearing a girdle after 2 to 4 weeks of childbirth. If you gave birth through a vaginal process, then there are fewer complications, and you can wear the belly band according to your comfort.

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However, if you have a C-section, ensure that your incisions are healed and do not create any complications. This time is different for every woman, but wait for two weeks after delivery and start wearing the best postpartum belly wraps that provide gentle compressions.

What Are The Best Belly Bands?

There are many belly bands that are great but the best belly band is the one that offers inches of adjustability with an elastic binder and a velcro that can be worn easily.

  1. Bandit Belly Mother Tucker is a very good choice as it offers complete compression from legs up to waist.
  2. Bubbable Baby's 3 in 1 postpartum girdle is one of the best options; it is a belly belt, waist belt, and hip belt.
  3. Bellefit Postpartum Corset features a pull-on style with hook and eye closures ideal for mom’s who have experienced a c-section.

Additionally, belts with velcro are better and convenient than hook and eye closures. However, you should choose the postpartum belly bands according to your requirements and comfort.

Things to Consider While Choosing the Best Postpartum Corset

Here are some essential points that you need to consider while wearing or selecting a belly band.


Comfort is one of the essential things that women need after delivering a baby. So ensure that your belly wrap is comfortable and soft so you can wear it for a sufficient time. Many women miss out on the material.


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The purpose of the belly band is to provide support and compression that holds the postpartum belly. It shouldn't restrict you from breathing. The pregnancy and postpartum phases are beautiful, but painful times for women. Therefore, wearing an adjustable belt helps support the mom's post-pregnancy belly, waist, and muscles around the uterus.

Medical Grade

Ensure that your belly wrap is of medical-grade, latex-free support for the abdominal, and post-pregnancy belly. Also, ensure that it provides back support as it helps you recover from back pain and enables you to move easily.

Easy to use

After giving birth to a baby, moms want everything easy to wear and remove. Ensure that you choose the right size for yourself that fits ideally on your body; it is best to pick a band that gives you inches of adjustability. It is advised not to get them too small or plus size, as both are useless in the long term. Measure your waist and then get the belly wrap that is easy to wear.

In conclusion, the pre-pregnancy phase is where you grow, your uterus expands, and your muscles stretch, while postpartum recovery requires time and patience. So, new moms, now you have an idea about the postpartum belly band and its benefits. The time after giving birth to a child is special for all women. You would need regular care and support for fast recovery, especially if you have had a C-section. Wearing the postpartum girdle is one of the essential things that provide abdominal compression, helping moms heal and get back to normal.