How to put on Bubbable's Ergonomic Baby Carrier


How to put on Bubbable's Ergonomic Baby Carrier

Most ergonomic baby carriers should seem as easy as a backpack to clip on. However, as Bubbable’s ergonomic baby carrier has an additional hip seat for your baby to saddle, it requires a few more steps. So we’re here to answer the question on how to put on your baby carrier and clip everything in- so you can head out swiftly on your next adventure with bubs! 

The first thing to note is that your carrier is split into 2 parts - the hip seat and body harness. For ease of putting on the baby carrier, it’s best to start off with both sections unattached to one another with all straps super loose. You can do this by holding onto the ladder lock buckle on the shoulder straps, then pulling it all the way up towards the shoulders. 

Bubbable Baby ergonomic baby carrier in star blue

Whether you’re wearing it front-facing or as a back carry, we suggest putting the hip seat on first around your waist with straps facing forward. It’s important to note that you should only try to put this on while in a comfortable standing position. Wrap the velcro strap comfortably around your waist and buckle in, adjusting the straps as needed. Make sure the hip seat is not loose and is tightened with just enough space for you to still breathe. You’d then want to spin that around so that the hip seat is in front. 

Bubbable Baby ergononomic baby carrier hip seat velcro
Bubbable Baby ergonomic baby carrier in star blue Bubbable Baby ergonomic baby carrier

Clip the body harness onto the front of the stool, and if you’re wearing it front-facing, your baby is all ready to go to be seated ergonomically on the hip seat. In all cases, place your baby down however you’d like them to be seated (or let’s be honest it’s really how they want to be seated) after the hip seat is secured to your waist and the body harness is clipped on. Make sure he or she is sitting safely and snug, and you’re all good to continue to the next step.

Loop your arms through the holes of the shoulder straps, buckle in the chest clip to secure, and pull the straps down to tighten.

If you’re wearing it like a backpack then simply spin the hip seat around first and with the aid of another person place your baby down on the hip seat before clipping in and putting on the shoulder straps. 

To get the carrier off, simply work backwards. Unclip the chest clip, loosen each shoulder strap, and voila your baby can pop right off! You can then unclip the body harness and also take off the hip seat. 

So there you have it. We hope this tutorial helped you with putting on your ergonomic baby carrier, but just remember the straps are adjustable according to your size so wear it however makes you and your baby comfortable! 

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