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How to Keep Baby Warm in Ergo Carrier

Babywearing in Winter: How to Keep Your Baby Warm in your Ergonomic Carrier? 

After nine months of nurturing your baby in your warm womb, it's time to welcome your little angel into this world. The first few months of a baby's life require kangaroo care because our tiny angels are more prone to the cold and flu. On one hand, you might be overwhelmed by the fascinating winters but on the other hand, you have to be prepared to keep your baby warm. 

Babies can't regulate their body temperature on frigid cold days. This is because your baby's respiratory and circulatory system is not developed properly, thus, their thermal regulatory center is inefficient. Also, they have less fat and thin, delicate skin which isn't enough to keep themselves warm. 

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Hence an anxious parent might be scrolling through Google to find out how to keep their baby warm. As a new mum, you cannot carry him/her around all day. Here is where the ergonomic carrier comes in so you can wear your baby easily! Still confused on how to keep your baby warm in an ergonomic carrier while babywearing? Hold on! This blog covers exactly what you need to do to keep your baby warm without overheating them.

Wearing your Baby

Babywearing is a highly beneficial practice that has been around for a while. Babywearing is carrying a baby around on your body, either in slings or a baby carrier. There are many benefits for your baby with babywearing.

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Babywearing has proven to reduce crying and fussiness. With the baby being close to you they tend to feel safer and startle themselves a little less thus reducing the fussy nature. 

In addition, wearing your baby helps promote healthy growth by stabilizing their heart rate and allows them to feel safe around their parents. Along with that, sling or carriers can help them socialize a bit more as they feel involved in day-to-day activities. 

Therefore, ergonomic baby carriers are a way to carry the baby conveniently so you can see them all the time. Babywearing with the ergonomic baby carrier doesn't limit your tasks. The carrier comes with essential accessories like a hood, pockets and many compartments so you can pop in your baby essentials.

It is a must-have accessory if you plan to wear your baby. A few more tips up your sleeve can also help keep your baby warm during harsh winters outside.

How to Keep Your Baby Warm While Babywearing

Keeping the baby warm is not a difficult task but it can be daunting and overwhelming for new parents. Babies are sensitive to cold weather, especially the baby's heads, legs, and feet since they are most exposed in carriers. So it is advisable to wear your baby in the right way while using the ergonomic baby carrier.

Here are some expert's tips that help your baby stay warm inside the babywearing coat: 

  1. Dress your baby properly to keep him/her warm. Keep in mind that the layers in baby carriers are not enough to protect them from the cold outside. It has fleece layers, but still, the baby is sensitive to cold, and dry weather. Dress your baby properly with warm and dry clothing to retain body heat. Layers do the trick; dress your baby wisely! However, avoid over-layering to prevent overheating in baby carriers. Some of our experts suggest leg warmers, hand warmers, and a nice onesie topped with a jacket. 
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  1. Wear the baby carrier under your jacket. This is one of the primary tips to keep your baby warm in cold weather or when you head out for winter walks. Wear the ergonomic baby carriers under your coat and zip them up above the baby especially during the harsh winter season. This helps keep your baby warm along with keeping their legs and head warmer. Parents can invest in babywearing coats as well if they experience colder areas more throughout the year. Wear a coat or a jacket with a carrier to hold your baby close to your body, wrap them tightly and keep them warm. Ensure that your coat or jacket is big enough to fit the carrier. 
  2. Use a hat in cold weather. While babywearing, the baby's head is exposed. If the baby is positioned in front, then you are able to see the baby and offer coverage with your hands. Yet, that is not enough. So cover the head and ears using a thick, fabric hat. Moreover, some baby carriers also have a hood. You need to ensure that it is thick enough to heat the baby's head.
  3. Wrap a soft blanket inside the carrier. Carry an additional blanket when you head out in winter. Tuck the warm, and soft blanket inside your babywearing coat. It may be a bulky option to keep your baby warm, but it works best for kids or toddlers in snow weather. Toddlers may not like it as they develop preferences, so wearing the baby carrier inside jackets is preferable for them. You may also keep the extra fleece blanket in the stroller if your coat or jacket is not big enough.
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  1. Get a reliable ergonomic baby carrier for your baby. Search for the best ergonomic baby carrier that suits your lifestyle and schedule. Bubbable's Ergonomic Carrier is a highly functional carrier that is suitable for a baby and toddler up to 25kg. 


Why Should I Use Ergonomic Carriers?

Winter babywearing is highly beneficial because it keeps your baby or toddler close to you while providing them with warmth and comfort. Hence, investing in an ergonomic carrier along with a stroller is a wise long-term investment.

Our ergonomic baby carrier is fully adjustable allowing you to settle up to 6 positions. Crossable shoulder straps make it easy to put your baby in the carrier. It allows for weight to be distributed evenly, ensures comfortable hip support and various positions for your baby's head. Ergonomic baby carriers are good enough to cover the baby in winter weather. The extra layer of ergonomic baby carriers is sufficient to protect your baby and toddler from mildly cold weather. 

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Moreover, the leg warmer also protects the feet and the fleece lining protects your baby in winter. It also ensures that carrying your baby is a comfortable experience. Also, our ergonomic baby carrier has water-resistant linings to protect your child and yourself from snow and rain. It would be smart to use the hood on the head above a hat in snowy, rainy, or cold weather. 

Nevertheless, you still need to ensure that your child wears warm clothes and dresses up properly. Winter babywearing and weather cover can be a tedious task with all the extra layering and precautions; however, it is for the best for our little bundles of joy.