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Everything You Need To Know About Portable Fans For Strollers

Babies love to explore new things. Did you ever notice that whenever you take your baby outdoors their mood changes? Yes, because everything is new for them. They are observing different colors, textures, and environments. They try to learn new skills from their senses, which are stimulated with new scents, vibrant colors, and the exciting sounds around them.

If you are a parent of a baby, you know how much easier your life is with a stroller. You can go outdoors with your baby for shopping or walk without carrying them for hours in your hands. A baby stroller is a necessity for parents when out and about with their babies, but what if you're living in a hot and humid region?

This is where the portable, battery-operated fan for the stroller comes into the picture.

Mother with Stroller

While parents may worry if using a clip-on stroller fan so close to their children is safe or not, let us assure you that choosing the right one can ensure safety as well as temperature control.

What is a Portable Stroller Fan?

Most baby strollers come with a canopy above them, which helps protect the baby from harsh sunlight or get wet from the rain. Even if they protect them from sunlight, it will not block the heat from the sun.

Therefore, a battery-operated stroller fan can be helpful in such situations. A battery-operated clip-on stroller fan is attached to the stroller to cool down your baby. It looks like a standard pedestal fan, but smaller in size - almost like a mini fan.

This fan will not only control the temperature inside the stroller but also protects from the dangers caused by your baby overheating.

Hence, battery-powered fans, portable fans are a safe way to keep your babies cool in warm weather.

Simply, attach, operate, and walk!

Things to Consider Before Buying a Stroller fan

There are different types of stroller fans available at different price ranges so you can purchase according to your budget. Here are some main points to be considered before purchasing any stroller fan.

baby in a stroller

Battery Life Of Battery Operated Fan

A battery-operated clip-on fan should have a good battery life or a rechargeable battery so you don't need to charge it so often.

Once the portable fan of the baby stroller is charged, this battery-operated clip-on fan should work for hours without having to charge the fan again.

Wind Speed Options

Portable Stroller Fan

A battery-operated stroller fan should have different wind speed options so you can set it according to your requirement and weather conditions.


Always consider the stroller fan with a low sound even when operating at high power so it does not create any disturbance for sleeping babies.

The wind speed and sound of the baby stroller should be enough to cool down your baby while being a calming white noise.

Fan Blade

Consider the material of the fan blade made. Check if it is made of metal or plastic and is covered with a hard plastic cap so it doesn't injure the baby in case he/she touches it.

If the covered one is not available, get yourself the one with foam blades so it is not as dangerous as the plastic or metal ones.


A stroller fan should be lightweight so it can be easily carried and clipped onto your stroller.

The flexibility of Clip-on Stroller Fan

A mini baby stroller fan should be adjustable with a 360-degree rotation to ensure it can be adjusted to different positions and offer easy access to the parents too.

How To Keep Baby Walks Comfortable with Stroller Fan

During Summer, babies feel extra hot and uncomfortable inside the stroller; they may even become fussy and avoid sitting in the stroller altogether. 

Here are some points to keep your baby cool in the strollers while using a stroller fan.

  1. A battery-operated fan should be used during extremely hot weather, only when the baby cannot bear harsh weather.
  2. The fan should be fixed at least one foot away from the baby so they cannot touch it out of curiosity.
  3. Most of the fans come with three speeds. Make sure to set the right speed for your baby so that they don't feel any difficulty while breathing.
  4. Give your baby more fluids than usual to keep them hydrated.
  5. Avoid peak hours and stick to the state shade as much as possible.
  6. Make sure to wear your baby's lightweight, loose-fitted clothing.
  7. Check on little ones often, feeling their skin to ensure they're cool.

3 Best Portable Fans for Stroller

 SkyGenius Clip-On Fan:

 This battery-operated fan comes up with cool colors and is less noisy.

Octo Breeze Fan:

Portable Fan For Stroller

Octo Breeze comes in beautiful colors (blue being our favorite!) and contains three different speeds and has a flexible and sturdy body.

This clip-on fan can work 2-8 hours depending upon the speed and charge.

HJIAN 5-Inch Clip, Portable Fan:

Ideal to be used as a table or desk fan. The blades of this desk fan can rotate 360 degrees in any angle and direction.

Enjoying a perfect family trip with your baby during Summer is ideal for fun family time. Therefore, a stroller fan can be counted as a blessing. The best thing about this fan is that they are lightweight, portable, compact, rechargeable, and flexible which will not require any extra space but also be easy to carry. Ensuring your baby enjoys outdoor walks is important so they can explore as much as possible. Hence, it is best to look at customer reviews before buying a rechargeable stroller fan.