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A Complete Guide to Choosing the best C-section Support Band

After carrying a baby for nine months in your womb, finally your bundle of joy is in your arms. During pregnancy, your body goes through a lot of ups and downs. Our bodies are a miracle; we birth a whole human and it is fair to say that it goes through massive changes. That is okay; it is important to embrace your newfound curves in your changing body.

Most pregnancy journeys will determine if your delivery will be vaginal or via c-section. However, sometimes emergency cases do happen too. C-section deliveries require some extra postpartum care.

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Maternity garments will play a vital role in helping with postpartum recovery after a c-section. Most medical professionals suggest wearing a postpartum belly band which will help you to maintain your posture and encourage a quicker recovery.

It is important to remember c-section recovery bands have been made to reduce your pain but you need to take care of your wound first. If you put it on too tightly or don't choose the right one for yourself then it will do more harm than good. Therefore, it is best to consult your doctor before using a belly band.

This blog is your complete guide to choosing the best belly band for your well-being.

What is a C-section band?

We know that giving birth is not an easy task whether it’s vaginal or c-section. It takes time for mothers to heal and recover after having major surgery. During pregnancy, the growing uterus puts extra pressure on your muscles. This can cause two large parallel bands of muscles that meet in the middle of the abdomen to become separated by abnormal distance; this abdominal muscle separation is called diastasis recti.

Diastasis recti are likely in women who are pregnant with a heavy baby, twins, or more. A C-section belly band is used as a path to recovery for women after their major surgery to provide external support to abdominal muscles.

Postpartum belly wraps are also called belly bands or belly binders. The best time to use the c-section recovery band is right after delivery. Most manufacturers and professionals suggest wearing it around 10-12 hours each day, for four-six weeks to acquire maximum benefits from it. These belly wraps will help you feel more like yourself after birth. The belly bandit is commonly prescribed after a c-section to reduce pain but it can be used after for both c-section or natural birth.

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Mothers who gain weight after pregnancy can be conscious of how they look. Therefore, for women who want to go to work quickly or feel good about their physical appearance, maternity belly bands are a good option to recover quickly during the postpartum phase.

How to Use A Post Pregnancy Band?

Most postpartum belly bands are easy to use. All you need to do is simply wrap the belly band around the abdomen with the velcro in the front, and adjust the velcro or the hook clip according to how much comfort you require. Ensure it is not too tight or too loose. It is designed to grow and shrink according to your waist and tummy, therefore belly bands are often stretchable enough for you to adjust so you don't feel uncomfortable.

Additionally, belly wraps are worn under your garment or clothing so they are fit to perfection.

Why Should You use a C-section Band?

Belly wraps can help you to heal and recover quickly. Here are some reasons why you should use a c-section recovery band post-pregnancy:

  1. Postpartum belly bands support your body after the surgery.
  2. It helps uneven abdominal muscle separation to get back to its original state.
  3. It will help reduce pelvic girdle pain (PGP): a condition caused by joints moving unevenly during pregnancy, making the pelvic girdle less stable and therefore painful.
  4. Reduces gas pain exposed to the abdomen.
  5. It will help you to start moving after pregnancy.
  6. Increases blood in your body.
  7. Reduces swelling resulting from surgery.
  8. Helps you move around longer with less pain.
  9. Minimises back pain and supports your posture.

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Types of Postpartum Belly Bands

There are several types of postpartum belly bands. Which one you choose should depend on your situation and a recommendation from your doctor.

Belly Wrap

It will wrap around the entire midsection from your hip to your lower rib cage.

Support Belt

These belly bands are likely to be thinner as compared to other bands and fit around your belly and hips.

Multi-part bands

This belly band works as a 3 in 1 pregnancy support band which can be adjusted to provide just the right amount of compression.

Features To Look At When Buying a C-section band

With numerous available around, it's hard to find the perfect girdle which is suitable for you in the long run and consistent to use as well. To make the best selection, we have prioritized the following criteria.

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Easy to use

Some girdles come with a lot of technical complications, so get one that can be easy to use where you just have to wrap it around your belly.


Belly bands are meant to be worn for a long time so ensure they are comfortable on your body and allow for adjustments.


You need to check how the product has been constructed and has soft, stretchy material. Some material might not be good for you or your skin type.


Find one that fits your budget and is worth the price.

Medical Prescription

Check whether the product is endorsed or has been supported through research or by medical organizations.

Online Reviews

It is best to check testimonials before buying any online product to build your trust with them. So check the customer review of the belly bands from the people who have already purchased them.

Bubbable Baby's Best C-section Band

At Bubbable Baby, we understand that embracing the new curves and the pain in your changing body is not easy. We understand that you want to use your current clothing but feel overwhelmed with pain. Our bubbable belly band will give the right support you will need at the time of healing. It can be used after both natural birth and c-section, and will also play a major role in stabilizing the abdomen and improving your posture while you recover by offering the support you need.

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It is easy, soft to wrap, and strong enough to support the back. This belly band is easy to put on or take off and adjust accordingly with velcro fastening. It comes in 2 parts: a belly belt and a pelvis belt to ensure full support. It will help reduce back pain, pelvic and adjustments in the lower abdomen. It is affordable, comfortable, and made of soft polyester as well so you can put it on for hours without feeling itchy.

Childbirth is a miraculous journey. It takes time to recover after childbirth especially if you go through a c-section. Still, there are some ways you can help your body heal quickly. While there are certain guidelines to follow, belly bands are a great option for mothers on their road to recovery, whether you are at home or in hospital. However, remember, your physical and mental health matter more so take it easy. Make sure you talk to a professional before using a belly wrap.