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Best Gifts or Thoughtful Gifts: 9 Best Gifts for New Mums.

Parenting is an overwhelming and rewarding journey. Be sure to make the mother feel special by showering her with endless love and the best gifts. Selecting gifts can be tricky and so that is why the gift you select should keep the new mum in mind.

Thinking of gift ideas for new parents is not that easy because you need to think about thoughtful gifts that will be useful and important to them in the long run. You may want to get a new mum something more functional and practical to ease the burden of her new life as a parent. Someone who has already been a parent before may not need the same things as the new parent.

This blog is your ultimate guide to ideas for new mum gifts and something for their little ones too.

The Right Time to Give a Gift to A New Mother

Many moments would be perfect for gifting. However, here are some examples of different occasions:

  • Baby Shower: Friends and family often host intimate events to make her feel special. Hence, a baby shower would be a good time to give a baby gift or a keepsake for the mother.
  • Last Month of Pregnancy: The last month can make the mother feel heavy, tired, and less energetic; she may not have the energy to look after herself. This would be a good time to give a relaxing experience as the best gift before she embarks on a chaotic journey with her little one.
  • Time of Delivery or Birth of the Newborn: On the birth of her baby, the new mum feels special but she also feels overwhelmed and exhausted to carry out other chores. A gift box of her favorite snacks, a meal, a massage or a great new baby gift would be best on this occasion.
  • After the First Few Weeks: A baby and mum take a few weeks to settle down and recover during the postpartum phase. If you are a distant friend or family relative and do not want to burden the first-time mum, then wait out a few weeks to give them gifts.

New parents would appreciate presents that would make their hectic day-to-day more consolidated and manageable amongst the myriad tasks and errands. From practical gear to life-simplifying gadgets to food delivery services, meal, and coffee packs, there are many thoughtful gifts for new mums.

In addition to all that, new parents love gifts for their newborns. Baby gifts are super cute and enhance the parenting experience. A gift for the little one means giving all the necessities that the new mum and dad could ever need. It also means giving gifts that help with the baby.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Gifts for New Mums

  • Relationship with the new parents. Consider how closely you bond with the new mama or the new daddy.
  • Price. It is important to keep your budget in mind before you search for the best gift.
  • Practicality. Look at gifts that seem practical and useful for their new life. You do not want to give something that does not fit in their house or becomes a burden on them.

9 Best Gifts You Cannot Go Wrong With

  1. Diaper bags are a great gift. One way to impress the new mum is to replace the traditional diaper bags with stylish and multifunctional diaper bags. Whether she wants to visit family, friends, or have a spa day, she can carry that bag with her. Apart from diapers, she can keep oil, small meals, baby clothes, hair accessories, skin-related items, coffee mugs, etc in this handy bag. She'll appreciate gifts that are high-quality and durable.
  2. Sleeping masks and spa subscription will make her thank you! New mums are desperate for pampering. They crave to have good sleep with a luxury body massage or maybe a goodnight pack. You can give her a relaxing body massage salon voucher and some sleep masks to block the lights out for a while - the best gift you can give a new mum!
  3. Baby Night Lights for sleep-deprived mamas. The first few weeks after giving birth, a mother barely gets enough sleep. A first-time mother feels tired and sleepy all the time; she struggles to put her baby to sleep and is always looking for ways to improve the environment for her newborn. This cute night light is sure to mesmerize the baby and impress the new mum. Night lights ease and calm the new baby; the warm yellow light encourages sleep hence this is a new mum gift that you cannot go wrong with.
  4. Pillow: Get her into the swing of things with a soft, sturdy, and plush pillow. It will provide her with a set place to meditate, relax and practice self-care habits
  5. Ergonomic Baby carrier: Whether she is running errands, making dinner, or working from home, the new mum will always want to have her newborn close to her. Get her this Ergonomic Baby Carrier that places all her essentials in one place. Plus, its ultra stretchable fabric and the features make it easy-to-use, making it one of the thoughtful gifts for new mums.
  6. Cardigan and cozy pajamas: Every mum wants some relaxation and body comfort. A good cardigan and pair of brand new PJs for the comfort of a new mama would be the best thing you can do for her. A new mama faces a lot of discomforts and changes in her body because of pregnancy, delivery, and breastfeeding. Gift a new mum a pair of stretchy PJs that she can wear for hours and she will thank you!
  7. Ultralight e-reader: Many women are keen to read new books. If this mum is also keen to have a nose in a book and struggles to find time between mum-chores to look at her books, give her a portable and ultralight e-reader. She can slip it into her park day tote or a diaper bag so she can read a few pages whenever she gets a chance.
  8. Skin Regime: A skin regime gift set or gift box including bio-oil is the best idea too. It helps in moisturizing skin, fix uneven tones, stretch marks, or other skin concerns. This way you can encourage self-care; she can have a mini-break at home without being away from her newborn.
  9. Post-Pregnancy Belly Band: Postpartum recovery can be tiring and may also be a mental burden for the new mum. A good postpartum girdle or belly band makes a great gift. A first-time mum will appreciate the gift; it will last her through all her pregnancies and deliveries.
  10. Gift box set: Depending on the price or your budget, you can also opt for a gift box set that includes a gift card, gifts for the new mother and baby. Or you can create your own box, with a mix of items you think she'll love. Based on the above gift ideas, you can mix and match all these in the box too. Perhaps add a cute note and thoughtful gift for the daddy too that acts as a keepsake.

Pregnancy and postpartum is an arduous journey, and a new mum needs a lot of time to adjust accordingly. The pregnancy, delivery, and addition to the family come with a whole lot of changes in the overall routine in the new mum’s life. A similar situation would be for a mum who is not a new mum. A second or third child is still an addition and just as tiring too. The first few days and months are hectic and challenging yet simultaneously exciting and beautiful. Minor changes in the environment around a mother can bring a better change in her mood and overall health. While the baby is receiving a lot of love and cuddles, the new mum wants some comfort and assurance too. Hence, gifting her some luxury and necessary items can be of a lot of help and comfort. Show her how much you care about her by choosing the best items available.