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Best Baby Toys For Brain Development

Developmental toys are designed to boost your baby’s cognitive growth stage-wise. Here are some of the best developmental baby toys you can buy.

Babies grow so fast during their first year and this time is important for their major brain and growth milestones. We think that the infant stage is only feeding and sleeping, but that's not the case. From day one your baby is learning about this world and developing his/her senses and skills.

Baby developmental toys may seem a thing for toddlers or bigger babies in your opinion. Why should I need an educational or designed toy for an infant? I heard you asked! Well, the truth is these developmental toys aid hugely in building strong gross and fine motor skills, a baby's sense of expression, and social skills.

You won't require any expensive or special toys for your child's physical and mental development. With simple baby toys and handmade games, you can boost your baby's growth milestone and ensure that they have strong understanding and thinking skills.

We have brought down some of the best baby toys for brain development and which skills they help to strengthen and develop.

Why Are Baby Toys Best For Brain Development?

Before getting on to the games and infant toys that are great for your baby’s development, let us have a peek at how these toys help their physical development and emotional skills.

Better emotional development

From birth to their first birthday, babies develop a lot of emotions and feelings gradually. With activities and games, the baby will explore their new emotions like hurt, anger, happiness, sense of achievement, etc.

Games like throwing balls, musical instruments, or with dolls and character books where you explain stories and emotions the baby will learn social and emotional skills and develop facial expressions.

Achieve milestones on time

Babies who are given toys and play gyms are found to be faster in achieving their growth milestones like grasping, throwing, crawling, and sitting. Also, they are quicker at learning new things. They become physically independent. Not only do these developmental toys and games benefit your baby's physical growth but their thinking skills too. With mind-challenging games and interactive play, the baby's problem-solving skills and concentration level are enhanced. It boosts their imagination and creativity and encourages them to explore new options and tactics to achieve the task at hand.

Fine motor skills

Learning toys help the baby develop fine motor skills and better hand and eye coordination so that they can efficiently decide and pick what they desire. Best infant toys are great for developing sensory-motor skills with muscle coordination that is important to achieve complex tasks.

Best developmental toys for baby's milestones

If you are looking for the best developmental toys for babies that stimulate baby's senses, Bubbable is your right destination! From musical toys to sensory toys, soft toys to educational toys, you can find a range of younger baby's developmental toys. Besides that, moms can also find some items like a diaper bag and stroller or car seat that assist them to manage the little baby easily.

Moreover, babies tend to achieve developmental milestones faster while playing with developmental toys. Here is a list of toys that your baby needs to develop skills.

Playmats for tummy time and gross motor skills

Playing gyms or play mats with activity bars is great for tummy time for babies and developing their gross motor skills. Neck muscle development during playtime on mats is boosted and babies after trying to reach the hanging toys on the activity bar use their hands and fingers which is great for visual stimulation and sensory-motor skills.

Playmats also come with a baby-safe mirror and colorful images printed so that the baby can see themselves in the interacting mirror developing emotions and expressions or enjoy musical or colorful play during tummy time.

Grasping rattles and teethers

Wooden or rubber rattles for babies help to develop their color and sound senses after 3 months of age. These toys are also best for use as teethers and babies can suck and chew on them. Holding and shaking rattles and rings in hands strengthen their grasping power and with sensing various materials they learn fine motor skills too. You can use rubber items like molds or poppers for your babies.

Play cards for visual stimulation

Dark contrast play cards, preferably black and white, as infants can't see colors till 3 months, and bright colors or colorful toys afterward, are super beneficial for a baby's visual development. Use animal or cartoon play cards to encourage sensory play. They show your baby to let them explore the world and recognize objects and colors.

Musical play

Musical toys and instruments are advantageous for emotional development and gross motor skills. Piano, xylophone, or musical mobiles or books will help them recognize sounds, and while they drum or play piano their fingers and hands are used which enhance their body control and decision-making power.

Sensory balls and blocks for hand-eye coordination

Using sensory blocks and balls as baby toys boosts their cognitive thinking and coordination of hand and eye so that they can pick the exact block or ball and put them together or in their mouth. This helps the baby to perform the task that involves both thinking and physical action. You can also choose a shapes box with various colored and shaped blocks with which they can learn about colors and shapes along with the brain-developing play of putting the block inside and gripping and using fingers.

Some quick tips for buying developmental baby toys

While you pick developmental toys for your babies make sure to keep these basic tips in mind:

  • Choose soft toys like rubber and soft fabric instead of wooden or plastic for infants as they can fall on their faces and hurt them.
  • Always pick toxic-free toys as babies can put everything in their mouths
  • Choking hazard is a major concern so make sure the block or parts of toys are big enough for babies to not swallow.
  • Musical and battery-powered toys are great but if you can go manual it is better as batteries are still a dangerous object for babies to use in toys.

Concluding points!

Educational and learning toys are instrumental for the brain development of babies. From better IQ levels to enhanced mood and social interaction these toys offer impressive effects on your baby’s growth milestones.

Pick the simple baby toys for your little munchkin and enjoy playing with your baby along with strengthening both their mind and body.