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Baby Hygiene: The Steps To Your Baby's First Bath

Welcoming a new baby into this world is bringing a bunch of happiness to your life. Who doesn't want to see their babies happy, healthy, and clean? Everyone, of course! Moms put in their efforts to protect their babies and to keep them fresh. But it is also a fact that handling a newborn frightens moms and restricts them from giving them the first bath independently.

Giving baths to a newborn baby is a whole experience. Do not forget to capture every moment and enjoy it with your spouse later. These are memories you will love to cherish throughout your lifetime. If you are afraid to give the first bath to your baby, you have landed on the right page. Here we will equip you with all the hands-on experience you need to make your baby's first bath smooth and memorable.

When to Give First Bath to Your Baby?

Are you wondering when you can bathe a newborn? Well, it is common for mommies to feel more conscious when it comes to their baby's first bath. The planning of this event is entirely up to you, either choosing sponge baths or warm water baby baths; as long as you choose an uninterrupted moment or don’t try to rush through the bathroom.

You probably need to schedule your baby's first bath within a week after giving birth. Avoid bathing newborns immediately after breastfeeding or when exhausted. Babies tend to wake up in the morning, and some find them attractive, while others schedule them to be in the evening as part of their bedtime activities.

When relaxing, make bath time part of your relaxing bedtimes, such as bottles, breastfeeding, books, and songs. However, newborns don't need to wash much (at most, a couple of times a week is enough) and only give a sponge bath quickly at first until the umbilical cord stump falls which is about 1 to 3 weeks after giving birth.

Prepare for Baby's First Bath

The first bath of a baby is usually a sponge bath. Make sure the temperature of the room is at least 75 degrees Fahrenheit. You can give a bath to the baby in the sink or use a baby bathtub so you can handle the baby easily. The baby's face should be a little high so their eyes and nose remain safe. Also, make sure to keep all your supplies like baby soap, warm water, baby bath cushion, clean towel, or infant tub nearby.

Here is a checklist to consider before taking your baby for their first bath:

  • A Bath Sponge
  • A Baby Soap
  • A Clean Towel
  • Clean Clothes
  • Warm Water
  • Bath Toy
  • If you have a circumcised baby boy, you would need gauze and vaseline.

How to Sponge Bath a Newborn?

For the first few weeks, you need to be very gentle during baths as your baby still has an umbilical cord attached, the circumcision is healing, and the navel also requires time to heal.

  1. Undress your baby in a cozy room and wrap him in a towel.
  2. Unwrap him in the bathroom and place him on the flat surface while cradling your hand under him (to support the baby's head).
  3. Check the water temperature if it is fine for your baby.
  4. Now start by cleaning the backside of the baby's ears. After ears, you can move towards the neck, knees, elbows, toes, and between the fingers.
  5. After cleaning the body, you can move towards the baby's head. There is no need to use shampoo for the first few weeks of the baby bath. You can just use clean water to clean the baby's skin.
  6. Gently tap the water on your baby's forehead in a backward motion.
  7. Clean the baby's genitals, inner legs, and behind the knees area. If your baby boy is circumcised do not touch the penis head.
  8. Once you have completed the cleaning process, use a soft dry towel to gently pat the baby dry.
  9. You are done with the first sponge bath for your baby!

How to Bathe A Baby in the Bath Tub?

As soon as the umbilical cord falls off, you can give a bath to your baby in the bathtub. Make sure you invest in a nice baby tub with a bathing cushion to ensure fun and safety during bath time. Here is a guide to making the process smooth:

  1. Fill the bathtub with 2-3 inches of water and place it near the sink or on any flat surface. Place your baby in the bathtub and support the baby's head with one hand. Use your other hand to place the feet of the baby in the water.
  2. Now you can gently pour warm water or gently splash it all over the baby's body. Use a soft washcloth to clean the hair and face of your baby. Make sure the shampoo or soap doesn't get into the baby's eyes. You can shampoo the baby's scalp once or twice a week.
  3. Use lukewarm water to gently wash the body of your baby. Now you can gently lift the baby and take them to the changing table. Use a fresh diaper and apply diaper ointment if needed.

How Often Do Babies Need Bathing?

Your baby may need to take a bath about three times a week in the first year of their life. This is usually enough if you wash the diaper area every time you change your baby. One or two baths are fine, but more frequent baths can dry your baby's skin. This is especially true when using soaps and other baby cleaners.


Giving a bath to a newborn baby helps you build a bond with your little one. Babies get used to bathing around 3 months or so but if your baby doesn't enjoy bathing, be patient. Enjoy these moments with your baby before he/she starts sitting on their own and splashing water in the bathtub. Happy Bathing!