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All About Night Lights in Your Baby’s Nursery

You may realize parenting is hard once you experience a frustrating and tiring sleep routine with your baby. Putting your newborn or toddler to sleep is one of the biggest tasks for any parent. Good sleep is essential for your child to ensure healthy growth. As parents, we know that, but babies don't. Hence, sometimes even when they fall asleep, babies wake up crying when you leave the room.

This can be extremely tiring and frustrating for new parents. Apart from a good sleep routine, perhaps creating a snuggly, secure, and cozy nursery can help with your baby’s sleep. Want a solution to ease your night-time routine? Here it is! Using cute and soft glow night lights for your baby’s nursery can help with dreamy, deep sleep.

night light

According to recent research and surveys, night lights are great to allow uninterrupted sleep for babies. Most doctors recommend using dim night lights to help babies sleep in the room even if they are co-sleeping.

If you are setting up or decorating your baby's nursery and question if night lights are good for babies or wondering which is the best night light for newborn babies, you have landed on the right blog.

We have covered everything from the key advantages of night lights to do’s and don’ts while buying night lights for your child.

Are Night Lights Safe for Babies?

A definite yes, if you pick the right color and brightness! It has been medically proven that the myths regarding myopia development in babies or disruption in sleep due to night lights are false.

None of us are the same so the response and effects may differ from baby to baby. Therefore, you have to keep an eye on your baby's routine and sleep pattern. However, from the safety point of view, there are no health risks regarding the use of night lights. Musical night lights for babies have shown to be effective too.

How Necessary are Night Lights?

Night lights are ultimately a helpful option that allows for a bit of visibility in the room to monitor the baby or for easy night-time diaper changes and feedings. For newborns or babies sleeping with parents, using a night light is not necessary; it is recommended only. Although, if your baby is used to sleeping well in the dark, it is better not to try using a night light as it may affect them adversely.

Another helpful factor is that normally toddlers or kids of ages above 3 or 4 years develop a fear of the dark. Hence, installing a night light is a good step towards ensuring safety and comfort.

Tips For Night Light Efficiency

There are thousands of cute night lights with designs and features in the market. So if you are stuck while choosing the best night light for your baby's room or nursery, here are some quick tips to help you out. Keep these points in mind while shopping for night lights for your little one’s nursery:

  • Low brightness

    When we are talking about creating a relaxing environment to allow deep sleep for your baby then it is quite obvious that the brightness must be dim. It’s best to avoid buying bright night lights that illuminate the room so much that babies think it's daytime instead of night. Buy a night light that allows for the brightness to be adjustable and is dim enough to ensure a cozy feeling in the room. An example of the ideal night light is available at Bubbable Baby.

    Dino Night Light
  • Install away from the crib

    Another major point parents may miss while installing night lights is that they install them right above the cot or their child’s bed. However, please avoid this as babies will keep looking at the light directly which tends to disturb their sleep. So make sure to install the light away from the child’s bed or baby cot.

  • Pick the right color

    Wondering what is the right color of the night light? Which color do you think is best and relaxing? Blue? White? Well, the answer may not be what you think. The best night light color for your baby is actually red, and if not available then warm light.

    Blue and white lights may appear relaxing but in reality, they reduce the sleep-inducing hormone production, resulting in your baby waking up completely or having disturbed sleep. Make sure to avoid green, blue, or white night lights completely. Red night lights for your babies are the best option.

    By using red night lights for babies, the production of melatonin (the sleep hormone!) increases and it promotes sound sleep in kids.

  • Use shades that diffuse light.

    Night lights for kids may come with cute shades in them. This is good for the baby's eyes as it prevents light rays from directly entering the eyes. The cloud or star shapes on night lights act as shades that help spread the light evenly without any extra brightness in the room at any point.

Benefits of Night Lights For Babies

Night lights are a good choice if you are planning to move your baby into a separate room and want to monitor them from yours. In case the child wakes up in the middle of the night, he/she won’t get scared in complete darkness.

The following are some main benefits of using night lights for babies:

  1. Production of melatonin

    Night lights of the right color promote the production of melatonin. Melatonin is a sleep inhibiting hormone that makes the baby fall asleep and ensures deep and long intervals of sleep.

  2. Fights fear of the dark

    Kids tend to have very vivid imaginations that may give them fears at night. This may make them feel clingy or even keep them wide awake late at night. With night lights they can sleep without feeling scared. Plus with deep sleep, there are less chances of them waking up too often.

  3. More relaxed and deep sleep

    Dino Night Light Deep Sleep

    The red light mimics the sunset which makes their brain believe that it’s nighttime and that their body must rest. This way their body relaxes with no stress of darkness or any other fear in mind making them fall asleep.

  4. Sleep routine formation

    One of the biggest areas of concern that parents may have is that their babies or kids don't have a proper sleep routine. With all those bright lights around us from cellphones, TVs, and other gadgets the body believes it’s daytime so the natural circadian rhythm of the body fails to form. With red night lights, the other lights’ effect is diffused and the body produces melatonin which results in forming a proper sleep routine for your child.