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Making your Baby Feel Secure and Warm with A Baby Bear Swaddle

Parents have been swaddling their babies for as long as anyone can remember. Every newborn needs swaddling for the first few months of their life until the point they start to roll onto their stomach. Swaddling keeps your babies calm and comfortable, but also, it is not highly recommended if your baby feels uncomfortable. In this blog, we are going to introduce a unique way to wrap your baby without swaddling him/her too much.

There is no denying that there are many health benefits for swaddling your baby: it maintains a good sleeping routine; keeps your baby on his/her back and ensures your baby stays less fussy. In contrast, there are some cons of swaddling such as dysplasia which can occur if babies are swaddled incorrectly. It happens when you wrap a baby in a swaddle too tightly to the point that they are completely unable to move their legs. To avoid any mishap either you need to cover them slightly looser on their lower half or use swaddles that are easy to wrap and fulfill the purpose.

Baby Pacifier

As a new parent, you may find it hard to wrap the baby in a swaddle especially during the middle of the night or an important event. Baby Bear swaddles are the best solution. Apart from being easy-to-use, a baby bear swaddle is great for special occasions, winter walks, and, simply, helps maintain your aesthetic baby outfits. This cute blanket will not only help your baby to keep warm in extremely cold weather but also to move their legs freely. It can also be used as a stroller blanket for the outdoors.

Cute Swaddle Ideas for Special Occasions

Baby Bear swaddle

This baby bear swaddle will give your baby complete comfort with its amazingly soft fabric. It is easy to use. The fun design will enhance your baby's cuteness. It is free of any harsh chemicals which is good for your baby's sensitive skin. It is a multipurpose swaddle that can be used as a stroller blanket or as a sleeping sack for your toddler. The unique colors and the unisex product is perfect for both girls and boys. It would be the perfect gift for new mommies considering the price and the value it offers.

Baby Swaddle

Burrito Swaddle blankets

The realistic burrito texture on a blanket will make your baby look more fantastic. It will be good for any occasion or photo shoot. Wrapping your baby in a look-alike burrito after a shower could be a fun thing to do plus it would make a great prop for a monthly photoshoot. You can take innovative pictures in this blanket for childhood moments. This blanket is safe for babies as well.

Knotted Swaddle

It is such a simple design that you can use it in many ways such as a baby blanket, stroller cover, and many other ideas. A tie at the bottom will make it easy for a mother to change the baby's diapers. It comes with a knotted cap as well. The soft and stretchy fabric is friendly for newborn skin and your baby will surely enjoy being swaddled in it.

Baby Sleeping with Swaddle

Why Does Your Baby Need a Baby Bear Swaddle?

Your tot might not like getting swaddled. This results in you becoming more concerned as to keeping your tot warm and secure. So, here comes the Baby Bear Swaddle. You will love it for the versatility that it offers. Here are a few reasons that is sure to benefit you and your baby:

Soft and breathable

Made of cotton and polyester material, baby bear swaddles are soft and gentle to the skin of your baby. Further, they are hypoallergenic and non-toxic, and safe for your baby. Since they have breathable material, they allow proper airflow to avoid the risk of suffocation and overheating.

embraced Baby

Covers the baby properly

A major reason why fussy babies cry at night is that they feel cold. They loosen their blankets at night and start crying. What's better than a baby blanket that does not get loose? With a Baby Bear Swaddle, you don't have to worry about your baby feeling cold at night. It makes sure that it stays in place. So, you and your baby enjoy a cozy sleep, bearing in mind that you shouldn’t leave your baby unattended.

Babies feel secure and safe

Babies love to have the feeling of security and warmth that they had in the womb of their mother. Your baby can sense the same feeling of warmth if you wrap them in a Baby Bear Swaddle.

Maintains the baby's temperature at the optimal level

Too high or too low - a baby's body temperature not only distresses the baby but also brings a ton of challenges for mothers. Instead of other remedies, why not offer your baby a blanket like Baby Bear Swaddle? It keeps your baby's body temperature at the optimal temperature.

Allows your baby to move his/her limbs freely

Baby bear swaddle, unlike traditional swaddles, does not restrict your baby's movement. Instead, it allows your baby to move his/her arms and legs freely. So, if your baby hates being swaddled, these versatile alternative swaddles are the best option. They keep your baby snug and warm.

Makes Strolling Easy and Fun With Baby

Are you afraid of going out with your baby on winter nights? Well, don't fret! This aesthetically pleasing stroller babywear covers your baby and keeps your baby warm for a long time. Additionally, it makes perfect party wear for your baby and draws everyone's attention towards your tiny baby bear.

Father and Baby Sleeping

A mother's womb is the first home for a baby where they feel warm, safe, and secure. Once they are born, this world is a new, cold, and scary place for them. A proper way to dress your baby or cover him in the Baby Bear Swaddle will keep your baby happy and protected just as they were in their first home. It will also help them learn and adapt to this new environment. There are many benefits to using wearable babies, one of them is providing them with an adequate amount of sleep; when your baby sleeps better so do you!