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7 Easy Steps on How to Swaddle your Baby Perfectly

New parents are often overwhelmed with ideas and suggestions coming in from various places. Some people may have left you confused with endless opinions. One such puzzling opinion would be about swaddling your baby and its benefits. Yes, everyone has different outlooks on swaddling your little bundle of joy, but let us assure you that swaddling a newborn correctly helps them transition from their secure womb life to real life. 

People swaddle in many ways. However, there is one correct way that is recommended by health experts to ensure that your little one doesn’t experience any discomfort. Every new parent may have several questions ranging from how to swaddle a baby to how long do I swaddle a baby? You may even question ‘why swaddle a baby’ in the first place, and the swaddling techniques. Well, we have you covered right here! 

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 Why Swaddle a Baby?  

Swaddling can help provide a cozy womb-like environment for your little angel. A mother’s womb is the utmost form of comfort for babies. With a perfect swaddle or a baby sleeping bag, you can easily snuggle up to your baby and put them to a peaceful sleep. 

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Undoubtedly, swaddling helps limit the startle reflex while making them feel safe. Startle reflex often wakes a baby up from sleep which means more sleepless nights for you! That is why swaddling is important to maintain warmth, comfort, and security. It is the ideal practice to swaddle a baby to sleep. 

 Choosing a Swaddle

When looking for a swaddle in the market, you might encounter various options that might lead to confusion. Your confusion is entirely acceptable; you want the best swaddle for your little adorable bundles! 

A swaddle is either made up of cotton, muslin, linen, and a variety of other natural materials. Each of these is ideal to swaddle your baby. Hence, make sure to choose a breathable fabric so that your baby is prevented from overheating or any discomfort.

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Various baby sleeping bags are also ideal if they are soft and cozy as this can help keep your baby all snuggled up during sleep. Bubbable’s swaddle is the perfect example of a baby sleeping bag that serves almost the same purpose as a swaddle. Baby sleeping bags are not only a version of easy-to-use swaddles but also make perfect, decent covers to be used on various occasions. In case swaddling steps seem confusing and tedious, it is time to give ready-to-use Bubbable swaddles a try. 

Steps on How to Swaddle a Baby

Parenting can be chaotic and so can be swaddling. You might be wondering how you can swaddle your baby in a way that is most cozy and comfortable for your baby. Follow these 7 simple steps to ensure the ultimate comfort for your little bundles of joy: 

  1. Spread the swaddle - spread the cloth, muslin, or sleeping bag on a flat surface. 
  2. Fold a corner of the blanket - fold any of the corners of the blanket.
  3. Position your baby on the blanket - lay down your baby on top of it with your baby’s head on the folded corner. Your baby should be facing upwards.
  4. Wrap the right side of your baby - cover the right corner of the swaddle over your baby with your baby's arms straight to their body, then tuck the corner of the blanket beneath the baby.
  5. Wrap the feet of your baby - to wrap your baby's feet, take the bottom corner and drag it up over their feet. Ensure that you have covered your baby's feet in a comfortable position with a fair amount of force and pressure.
  6. Wrap the left side of your baby - same as the right side, take the left corner of the blanket and cover it over your baby with your baby's arms straight to their body in a comfortable position.
  7. Make sure that your baby is in a comfortable position - After successfully wrapping your baby into a warm blanket with their head and neck out of the swaddle, make sure that the veil is not too tight. Check the lower body part and hips specifically if they are not too close to make sure that your baby can move. It is essential to keep the blanket comfortably tightened as too much tightening might lead to various problems such as hips dysplasia.

How Long Should I Swaddle?

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How long to swaddle a baby depends on various factors. It is believed that you need to stop swaddling your baby when he/she starts to roll over. Now, this milestone differs for each baby. 

Hence, observe your little bundle of joy. If they seem comfortable in the swaddle and sleeping bag, let them be. However, do give them some swaddle-free time to explore what they can do with their hands and legs. 

Safety Measures to Consider While Swaddling

No doubt, swaddling your baby provides various benefits and can help your baby get a very peaceful sleep. Yet you might need to take some precautionary measures to ensure that you have swaddled your baby just right without causing any discomfort. Some things you should be careful about when swaddling: 

  • After swaddling your baby, check if you can easily fit two or three of your fingers between the swaddle and your baby's chest. If you are successful in doing that, you have done the swaddle correctly.
  • Ensure that your baby can quickly move his/her hips and legs. Make sure that the swaddle doesn’t feel too tight around your baby’s lower body. Uncomfortable tightening around the hips can lead to hip dislocation and hip dysplasia.
  • If your baby is sweating too much or has a heat rash, your baby might be overheating; consider reducing their clothes or rechecking the swaddle material. 

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Parenting a newborn can be overwhelming where you start questioning if you are doing things correctly. However, getting your hands on the right products can make your parenting journey a tad bit easier for yourself and your little one. Bubbable offers a wide range of products including a portable bed and versatile baby swaddles. Explore and use products that provide ultimate comfort because nothing is as crucial as the calm and peaceful sleep of your baby.